Once registered, only you will have access to control your private platform where, in a simple way, you can establish a 1: 1 communication relationship with your referral network, send invitations to potential referrers, manage rewards and their visibility and much more. Each referrer who accepts your invitation will have access to another private panel where you can establish the 1: 1 communication.
Once the referrer adds a referral, you can both easily track their status changes, add notes, messages, etc. and receive email notifications with each change made to the referral.
Another outstanding feature is the management of rewards, being possible to establish the level of visibility (for registered referrers, general public or both) and categorize them by sector and location so anywhere and anyone can easily identify your requirement.

Following a few simple steps you can customize it on your own website:

  • Add buttons for login and / or registration of referrers with the links provided when registering.
  • Send your logo to the email address provided.
  • You can also add the referrers registration link to your marketing campaigns.
  • If you have any doubts, or need any support, please contact us.

From your private control panel, only you and the referrer can access the referral in a 1: 1 communication. The referrers will be able to access their references from their private panel area.

To avail to a reward you must be registered with an invitation. If you are already a registered referrer you can see the rewards available from the company in your private panel and add it to the referral.
If you are not registered, you can see all the public rewards and filter them by different criteria, to contact whoever offers the reward, and become a registered referrer.

Yes, you can manage your own referral program and be a referrer for as many entities as you want. You can use the same user, and you will have access to different private portals depending on your role and the entity to which you are going to provide references.

You can refer any business or individual.

The referral program can be used by any entity at its own risk and for different purposes:
From recruitment companies looking for candidates, to any individual looking to be introduced to certain company.

The platform allows you to establish 1: 1 communication with your referral network and does not manage any type of commission or agreement.